As I'm reading this book, I am curious of who it's author might be.  My first guess is Paul Ryan, but the person below puts a good case forward that it is/could be Pence.

The person who wrote it served (or continues to serve) from the transition to the Ukraine issue.  Pence checks that box.  The author has a History background from college.  Cicero’s guidelines for being a statesman, the fall of Athen’s politic, and Adam Smith are some deep cuts of human history that you only get from people who hung around a college history department.  I know because I’m one of them.  Pence checks that box.  The biggest complaint is Trump’s immoral behavior.  Pence is a strong social conservative who has struggled with Trump on this issue.  An example is the access Hollywood tape, which the book uses as an example.  He’s used “lodestar” in the past, and the word is used in the epilogue.  It’s not something people drop a lot.  People have little phrases or ways in which they communicate.  This seems to be a Pence trait.  The person claims to have talked to numerous Senators and Representatives, as well as WH staff and cabinet heads about Trump on and off the job.  Only a very select few have access to all of them at all waking hours.  Pence is one of them.  The individual would be familiar with the Presidents briefings from Nat Sec, intelligence, and domestic issues given that they mentioned explicit details from those briefings.  Pence would be present in all of those.  Finally, the individual is someone familiar with conservatism, and believes in it.  Whatever you may think of him, he is a conservative.  It’s hard to find anyone else that meets all of these.


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