Adobe Illustrator

I have been using SVG file more and more lately in projects. They are much more versitile when it comes to designing than similar formats such as PNG.

I get SVG "icon packs" sent to me all the time in emails as well as tweets. Most times, the packs only include a small number of icons that generally don't go together and push you towards buying the whole pack.

Today I was trying to browse one of these packs and I thought about just using Adobe Bridge to view them to make things easier on me. Well come to find out, Bridge won't render previews for SVG files.

I found this thread which showed me that I am not alone in my frustration.

Fortunately I found a link to a SVG Viewer Extension for Windows Explorer that works perfectly!

While I would prefer to use Bridge since I'm always in it for other reasons, this was an easy alternative that doesn't seem to have put any strain on resources.

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