In my last Ghost related post, we got to 0.6.4. Well I went about the upgrade a little different this time. If you know your way around CLI this should be a breeze.

  1. SSH into your Ghost installation. You can find the credentials by logging into Openshift, clicking on your application, and clicking the link that says Want to log in to your application?
  2. Locate your package.json which can be found in /app-root/repo. Use a command such as nano or vim and modify the line for ghost. It should be around line 18 if you're using the Openshift Ghost repo.
  3. Change "ghost": "^0.6.0" to "ghost": "^0.7.0".
  4. If you're using nano do a Ctrl-X, then y, then Enter.
  5. Run npm update.
    This is probably the most important step that I missed the first time and ended up rolling back to 0.6.4.
  6. Log out of SSH and then run rhc app-restart $APPNAME. If it fails, just try and run it one more time before resorting to a rollback.

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