To run Ghost on a web server you'll need Node.js and npm (which comes bundled with Node).

I'm not going to pretend I know how, but the team at Softaculous figured out how to install Ghost on Apache servers. This opens up the ability to use Ghost to a much larger audience given Softaculous's popularity.

One downside to Ghost is that when you make changes to a template file inside a theme, it requires a restart of the web server for you to see the changes. Softaculous recently tried to solve that problem by adding the option to 'restart' by doing the following.

Log into cPanel, then load Softaculous. Go the the Ghost page where you can see your installations and click the pencil (Edit).

Once that page loads, look about halfway down the page and you'll see a section for the 'Node.js Service' where you'll have an option that says restart.

After that, scroll down and click the Save Installation Details and Ghost is suppossed to be restarted...

Unfortunately, this option hasn't worked for me. So I needed to do the following to get Ghost to restart.

  1. SSH into the server using Terminal or Putty (for Windows).
  2. Execute the command pkill node. You can close Terminal or execute the exit command.
  3. Log into Softaculous and go back to your Ghost installation details page.
  4. Go back down to the section for Node.js Service and instead of choosing Restart, choose Start.

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