Every week my company has a company-wide meeting and to make it fun, we've been choosing themes for presentations after the necessary items are addressed.

This week it was to showcase your favorite gif and as usual, I couldn't narrow it down to just 1 so I wrote up a favorite and another as honorable mention.

Oh so many to choose from…

I have them located at the top of my screen for easy access.  I could give you a backstory for most of them and we’ve talked about this topic within Marketing.

My gif arsenal

I believe I chose GoinHam.gif as my personal favorite:


When I’m trying to pump myself up to get out of bed each morning, I try to channel the pure rage of my boy* here.  You can see from those around him that he takes life seriously and they are fearful he’ll lash out at them next. This is how I try to live each day.

*not actually my child

Honorable mention goes to BOOM.gif.  While GoinHam.gif showcases raw emotion, BOOM.gif is what I turn to when I need to turn up the heat.


This one is a tri-fecta of burn with the word BOOM zooming into frame in all caps for those with bad eyesight to know that they’re being roasted.  Next, you’ve got the person in the foreground giving “O” face, acknowledging that things are about to get spicy in this thread.  Finally, background person executes the burn throwing BOTH hands in the air with the moxy of John Paxson dropping his 3-pointer in Game 6 of the ’93 NBA Finals.

I’m out.

In tha front in tha back, killa bees on attack

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