In it's quest to be in every part of our lives, Google has decided that it needs to help you with questions you might have about a business, but are too lazy to call/email/tweet/text and ask them yourself.

But wait, it gets better, and better, and better.

So you're a business owner and you would like to know when questions are asked so you can do the right thing and promptly answer them. Well, you're playing by Google's rules now.

Notifications? Nah.

You'll have to go manually search for your own business and see for yourself. Every time. Well, unless your own a tablet running Google's Android operating system. Then, supposedly, you get notified....somehow.

Anyone with a Google account can "help" your business out by answering them for you! What a time saver!!!! Even if you have nothing to do with that business, you can help them out. You know, because you know about how that business operates... 🤦

EDIT: I forgot to mention one other item that I only figured out by trial and error.

If you mention any of the following:

  1. A contact person by name.
  2. A contact telephone number.

...Google will hide your answer. Oh, and they won't tell you they've hidden it. Oh, and you'll still see the answer if you've logged in.

Fortunately, Google has published a list of reasons you can have a post removed.

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