I read this book a few years ago, but am just getting around to watching the tv show. Here are some of the differences noticed.

11.22.63 Book

book versus tv show

11.22.63 Show

  • Harry is from Derry, not Holden.
  • Jake's car is red, not yellowish.
  • The show ommitted that whole business of saving the girl from the hunting accident.
  • Jake's ex wife was only talked about.
  • Jake had to pay the Yellow Card Man and say the little rhyme, not in the show.
  • Jake doesn't go to Dallas straight away, he tries to help Harry first.
  • Jake doesn't meet Sadie in Dallas. (Was Sadie still married in the book? I thought she was divorced/separated)
  • He doesn't start following de Mohrenschildt until well into the book.
  • Jake is 6'4'', Sadie is 6'. He makes a point of it like every ten pages. Not hugely vital to the plot, but the two characters mention it a lot.
  • At first, Al gives him a good amount of money, so he doesn't have to make bets right off the bat. Even when he does, he doesn't arouse suspicion until later.
  • Jake always lives alone, there's no lodging house.
  • He never sees JFK directly, so none of that speech/getting caught thing happened.
  • George (the guy he's following in the show) was never revealed to be working with the CIA.
  • Jake's ex-wife never appears in the book, the divorce is on his mind though. She was an alcoholic as well, not sure if the wife on the show is.
  • Al's 'Wall of Fame' was used as a reference point for the Harry situation, which is absent now.
  • The school administrator isn't in the book (and as a result, neither is her past self). Jake accompanies Harry to his graduation, but there's nothing about writing a letter of recommendation.
  • He doesn't trick anyone with his cell phone - it's thrown into a lake, but on a previous visit which he erases when he goes on his 'main mission.'
  • He never tried to call his father (why would he?)
  • Fire never happened
  • The first quarter of the book takes place in Main
  • He goes to Kennebec fruit stand and notices that it actually sells fruit! and has a delicious root beer. Here he goes to a diner.
  • He get beat up from bookies but not till later, and the guys were from Florida.
  • I always pictured the clearing for the rabbit hole to be a bit more vacant rather than a very active spot.
  • The VIP party for Kennedy never happened

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